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Nashville Goat Yoga


Each participant is paired with one of our horses: “Midnight, “Jasmine”, “Mimi", or mini donkey, “Leroy” for a 45-minute session in the peaceful & picturesque setting of our farm.

As you care for our animals by participating in activities such as grooming, brushing, petting, feeding, walking, farm chores, etc., you will be creating more self-awareness and building trust with the animal. 


By watching the horse’s facial expressions, you will learn to understand them without words. You will recognize what signals you are sending out and interpret signals coming back to you. We truly believe this will be a positive, fun, connecting activity for all.

No previous horse experience is required. A liability waiver must be completed and signed by anyone wishing to participate. A waiver is also required for parents/guardians and anyone visiting the farm for any length of time. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

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